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Hi all

I found a tuber/root in my new garden, (only been here a couple of years), when digging the border and lifted it and potted it to see what would grow.

Link to photo.

I think it is nothing more than a weed, but I don't see any more growing anywhere in the surrounding area. Even if it's not a weed, it's not very nice plant anyway and will get the chuck.

Thanks for your help.


I agree with Dovefa. It is a figwort. i had some in some Verbascum seeds I bought. I transplanted it to the peat bog and it is faring very well, that is to say it is spreading like the clappers.


Sorry for my tardy response and thank you to you both.

It does indeed look like Figwort. I can now consign it to the garden waste bin and consider myself slightly further educated in the garden. Sometimes curiosity gets the better of me.


Incidentally one thing that may be of interest to others trying to identify this plant, is that the leaves smelled of cooked / barbecued meat. Very strange !!

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