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In autumn 2015 I bought some anemone blanda corms but didn't get round to planting them.  I'd intended doing so this year but wasn't able to because of a leg injury.  if I plant them in early January are they still likely to flower in late spring? They've been sitting in the shed all this time.


You have nothing to lose by trying.  Soak the corms for 24 hours before planting and hope that they summer?????

Singing Gardener

I was given some anemone blanda corms (and chinodoxa) for Christmas and planted them yesterday so I'm hoping they'll give me flowers at some point....!


Fingers crossed Singing Gardener!  We'll have to compare notes in a few months time. I couldn't have planted mine yesterday or today as we are having heavy frosts at the moment.  So I guess you are further south than me.

Singing Gardener

I'm in Essex but we did have a heavy frost yesterday so I cheated and planted them in troughs in container compost. I'll probably move them to somewhere more permanent next autumn (if they come to anything this year...)

They were packets from Tesco and I was amused that the instructions said "Plant Sep - Dec" and the packet was marked "Display until Dec 31st"!

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