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Hi everyone, just noticed this area of brown leaves on my bush. I'm a novice but I've been told that this is a vibernum (is that right?).

I apologise if it's obvious but I have no idea what this brown patch is. Can anyone help me? I'm worried that I'll lose the whole bush.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



If you trace the brown bits back, do they all come from one branch/stem? Could some damage have been done to it? Animals?


I'd cut the whole branch out, and it probably is all one branch, right back to where it joins something healthy, then see how it goes

Thanks waterbutts and nutcutlet, it is all just one branch. I'll cut it back and see if that does the trick. Many thanks for the advice! Doesn't look like it's been damaged by anything.


sometimes if a shrub has been cut back infection and rot gets in through the open wound. your shrub looks as though it's been cut to shape.

the pics a bit small for my eyes but I think it's Viburnum tinus

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