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 Is this a cotoneaster, possibly Cornubia? I saw it in someone's garden in December (E.Midlands), hence the 'distant' photo. There was no-one in so I couldn't ask (I did try!)

The leaves seem quite slender and fairly glossy green with no hint of autumn colour, probably evergreen, the rich red berries hang in bunches.

 Can anyone positively identify it, and can you get it in bush form rather than tree form.?

Looks more like a Pyracantha to me.

Don't think it is Cotoneaster, or not one I have seen, and not Pyracantha. Leaves look more like a Hebe to me.

Mark 499
It is Pyracantha



I think it Pyracantha coccinea, but it's hard to tell from photo. The leaves are glossier and slightly less reined than cotoneaster sp. with similar shaped leaves.


It's not a cotoneaster.

Put your hand in the bush, if it comes out scratched and bleeding it's a pyracantha

It's pyracantha, look for spines on the stems, cotoneaster doesn't have spines.

Only difficulty with the spines test's in someone else's garden!

Next time I see it, I'll try again to contact the house owners. It does look rather more like the pyracantha than a cotoneaster from the leaf, but I couldn't actually see any spines.

Thanks everyone.

Daughter of the Soil

Definitely more like a pyracantha, did look closely to see if I could see any spines but couldn't, maybe because it still had good foliage cover.



We have a pyracantha growing up the front of the house.

Picture attached for comparison.



I'm wrong as well  

Apology accepted...



Years ago when I first started gardening my neighbour had a new plant in her garden and didn't know it's name. I very proudly told her it's name and for years she had a Cotton Eater....

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