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I am not a very experienced gardener, having only just got my own garden I have found myself enjoying it, however, a couple of weeks ago a load of plants sprung up in my garden, i've tried finding them on the internet but haven't had any success yet so I'm hoping that someone on here can tell me whether these are weeds or not? If they are then what is the best way to get rid of them? and also, keep them away? they look a bit pretty but are too tall and too many of them.



I think it depends who you ask

Euphorbia amygdaloides . Only fit for the wilder parts of a large garden

No, it's not a weed although it can be troublesome it's a euphorbia, not sure which one as the pic won't enlarge for me, but someone will tell you. Careful of the sap if you do anything with it as its an irritant on the skin.

gardenning granny

another useful  bed-filler which lifts easily when you have a supply of something more interesting to plant instead - the lime green coloured flowers are very atrtractive.  Do wear gloves when handling - the sap of all euphorbias can cause serious skin problems.  Useful for under a hedge where nothing else wants to grow

Busy Bee2

We had them in our old garden, and they reproduce freely, so it's a question of keeping as many of them as you like - the foliage and flowers make a lovely contrast with other plants - and ditching the rest.  You might like to offer them to friends and neighbours though, and people might be pleased to have one.  I wouldn't mind one !!

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