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At first I thought these were going to flower, but now I'm thinking they are just weeds. Could somebody confirm before I attempt to remove them? We have just moved in and still trying to identify all the plants in the garden


img host

Not a Inula

I think that one is Inula royaleana

hollie hock

Yep I have this, it's an Inula, happily known in this household as false sunflower. Those fluffy bits open up into bright yellow flowers that the bees and butterflies love.

It does spread ( a lot) so you can just hack a bit off the roots to keep it in check


Did you send me those hollie hock.I've lost track of who sent me what now

Lovely plants


hollie hock

Hi nut, yes I did, glad you like them. I inherited the plant many house moves ago now, keep bringing chunks of root of with me and keeps it going Mine looks like Gary's photo so will be flowering soon.

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