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I'm sure this must come up a lot, but I have recently seen a tree which I would love to  plant in my own garden. Someone has suggested it's a Rowan, but there aren't any thorns, or a mountain ash. But the leaves look different to any I can see on the websites. I really like the light green of the leaves and, the height and the spread, the shading the foliage provides. I like this tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


 Thank you


Not ash, their leaves are pointy.


Leaves look like Robinia to me too.

flowering rose

that's not a rowan tree .the leaves almost look like a  variety of eucalyptus .



Rowan is the same as Mountain Ash and is a small tree. Agree with Robinia.

Brilliant. Thank you. That may explain why I couldn't tie up the photos to any web pages for Ashes.

If it's robinia (or false acacia) it'll have small pea like white flowers in June too.

I believe it may have some thorns, too?


Be careful if you buy this, it is indeed frisia robinia - the golden version.  I bought a grafted one, high graft, which did fine for a while, but after 3 - 4 years and a very wet cold winter, it separated at the graft and died.   I'm not sure if they are bought on their own roots, if so that would be better, or with a low graft if possible.   Does look stunning though, it does have long, very sharp thorns after a while, not numerous but very sharp.  

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