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Hi LAnn, I cant keep dahlias in the ground here- too many slugs etc- so I always grow mine in big pots.

For over winter storage I wait until the foliage is blackened most times, or by the end of Oct for me re the frosts. Then I put the pot, on it's 'saucer', into my part glazed porch to dry off for about a week. Then I bubble wrap the pot, cut back the foliage, give it a 'cap' of fleece & shove it under a plant table. So mine are actually stored in their compost, but kept very dry.There it stays until late Feb/early March when I investigate the tubers & restart them on a windowsill inside.

I did try storing them 'properly' ie dry tubers in sand etc one yr in my shed & lost the lot. So back to my usual way.

The cellar sounds good as it wont freeze, it's dry too. Sheds arent frost free & an unheated greenhouse up Nrth will be too cold.

I did manage to keep 2 wrapped/covered pots alive in my big wooden coldframe last winter. They'd been eated to death by the slugs so I'd removed the labels-twit- & only decided to store them when I spotted fresh growth starting very late in the season. Am well pleased as they turned out to be 'good' ones I had & not Aldi's best!

Good luck, J.


thanks jo it might be good to leave them in pots in the cellar on the other hand i have four in one big pot and two each in the other two and then another two with an Actotis in another two pots oh dear this is hurting my head i need to lie down  


I have grown Dahlias for the first time this year and I am very pleased with them. My husband got them from a car boot sale. I will defiinitely be growing them again.






Used to grow large patch of various dahlias on my allotment as had no room in the garden.  Now I don't have the lottie any more, am beginning to grow a few in pots - I always loved them even when they were out of fashion - but I'm more keen on the singles than the rest, feel the beasties such as bees get a better deal with those. Am trying the bishops children next year too - have loved the bishop himself this ye, among others. 


I love 'em and have been growing them from seed for years.  I'm always amazed that they can grow up to 8 feet tall from seed in a year - and often flower before saved tubers.  Because of that I don't usually bother to lift and store the tubers - if they survive all well and good, but there's always another 50 ready to replace them each year.  The T&M 'giant hybrids' are my favourite seeds - last couple of years the mix has been dominated  by cactus types though - I prefer the 'normal' flowers.


I understamd the passion Bob. Once met a guy whose garden had nothing but dahlias.  Masses of colour, impressive stature and hardly room to turn.  And the guy was a the nicest sense of the word.  They just lack form amd structure don't they?  However, I'm enjoying every one on my garden just now so I guess I'm warming to them

Careful 2wheelgardener.  This forum does that.......irresistibly tempts you to buy everything


I planted my first dahlia this year and after a slow start it finally sprouted and has started flowering over the last week or so.

However, I've been disappointed by how long the flowers last before the petals fall off. The flowers open quite quickly (one day they're suddenly there) and the petals have all fallen off 2 days later.

Is this normal?

So far, about 4 flowers have appeared but there are still a fair few of those ball things waiting to open up into flowers.




you must keep dead heading the old flowers look like cones the new ones are round


You mean cut them off as soon as the petals fall off? Do I cut close to the head or where the stem joins the trunk?

Or cut them off before the petals fall? The flowers are on extremely short stems. I was hoping they'd be long enough to cut a few and put them in a vase, but between the short stems and petals falling off so quickly, they seem only good enough to leave in the garden.

The first photo I posted is of a flower that looked good and fully open yesterday. Today, it looks like that!

Hello tomsk

Your dahlia Looks like it is being attacked by earwigs...maybe snails....and they don't look too healthy. Is it growing in a pot or in the ground?  Do you feed it?  Is it in poor,soil? 

Your dahlia flowers should not normally drop that quickly.   I would do 3 things.......feed, spray and water.


Hi, there's certainly plenty of snails around, though I have been trying to keep them at bay. There are a few holes in the leaves, but I don't think it's bad enough to explain the petals falling off so quickly. I think the soil is OK (the dahlia is in the ground), but it doesn't get an awful lot of sunlight, so perhaps too much shade is to blame?

As for feeding, I've sprinkled some general purpose fertiliser around it a few times every few weeks, the last time being a couple of weeks ago. I try to work it into the soil a bit, though not too deeply for fear of disturbing other plants.

Could it just be a dud plant? I did plant two tubers. This one appeared very late and the other never appeared at all, and was in a better spot for sunlight.

I think I may have over-watered the soil initially. So then I took to being more conservative, though it rained solidly last night so the soil is certainly wet now. The leaves are firm and dark green. No wilting or signs of being too dry or diseased.

I thought everything in the second photo looked quite healthy? It's just the petals falling off too quickly.

The fertiliser is Aldi's Growmore, which claims to be NPK 777.

Then earwigs I think.  Put in couple of canes.  Get small pots filled with newspaper and place upside down on the canes. Leave overnight.  In the morning carefully remove pots and empty contents on hard flat surface.  See if any earwigs crawl away. Repeat this process for a few nights. ,let us know what happens Tomsk

Hi folks, as you can see from my title I am a very keen dahlia grower and have been growing them from seed for several years.  At the moment I have about 60, I did have more but ran out of space to store them (in boxes in cupboard under the stairs), so gave lots away. My neighbours 100 year old brick wall collapsed on my flower bed last winter so I have had to replant and until the shrubs mature I have filled the bed with dahlias, I grow mostly singles and have had more bees and butterfly's in the garden than ever before here's a picture.




So. You like dahlias then Dahlia lover? ????    Lovely collection there.


Well I can't see any signs of earwigs. It seems to be the wind and rain that have made the petals detatch rather than whatever ate the hole in one of the petals, though I can't see why.

A new flower opened yesterday and is fully open now. There are more and more of those closed heads forming all over the plant, so maybe it's just the first few that have gone wrong?

I notice that the heads form in clusters of two or three inbetween two shoots that just end in leaves. Should I leave them alone, or would it be better to cut them off so that the main stalk ends in flower heads rather than the leaves flanking them? I imagine they're drawing nutruients away from the flowers. Removing them would also allow more light to get to the heads.

Tomsk, just let them be now.  You think they are in an exposed position?  They don't like being battered!


No, not very exposed. There was one night when it rained heavily and that knocked all the petals off a flower but there were about three previous flowers that fell apart without any rain or wind.

I just went out in the dark for a look and the flower that opened a couple of days ago still has all its petals but seems to be withering and closing slightly. Maybe it's because it's dark or maybe they'll start falling off tomorrow.

There's another head that is just starting to open up, and I saw a weevil sitting on the leaf next to it. It then moved right to the emerging petals on the head. Are these garden pests? I always thought they were like beetles and didn't eat plants.

Yes these are pests.  Chewing leaves and petals.  Night time go out with torch and quickly squash them.  However it's the larvae that do most damage in the soil...little curved whitish cream pests that eat the roots.  Nematodes or vine weevil killer will kill them.

Recently slugs n snails have been attacking a couple of my dahlias.....quite large ones.  I pick them off.  They will devastate dahlias.

 If you cut back spent dahlia flowers back to a pair of shoots ??ou will encourage more flowers.  If you,don't do this your plant will stop producing on these stems