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Hi,I recently recieved over 400 bulbs consisting of Muscari armeniacum,Allium moly luteum,Anemone coronaria,Liatris spicata,my question is,is it too cold to plant these bulbs out just now,any and all advice gratefully accepted.






They will not grow in the packets-anything that is on sale now-probably with the exception of dahlias -needs planting

Honestly it is not that cold-this is very common at this time of year-do not believe all you read



The muscari should be flowering soon so you may be too late for this year but get them in anyway

Yes Darren, get them in the ground ASAP.
They will flower next year anyway
I would treat liatris bit differently....I pot these up. Although fully hardy I would put in greenhouse for couple of weeks and then plant out as healthy growing plants.
I know I go on about putting up plants but in my experience it leads to better and bigger plants

have you  received the dail mail offer Darren  like me  , and don't know when the y heed planting 

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