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I ordered some plants from j parkers over a month ago and have still not recieved them,I have just phoned them and have been informed that they dont have them to send. After taking my money and waiting a month I think out of decency they would have informed me and refunded my money, I wonder what would have happened if I had not phoned them.Needless to say I wont be dealing with them again.


What did they say about refunding your money ?


They will refund it in the next 4 or 5  days. Just annoyed they should have done it without me having to query it.

What can I say?  I dont rate parkers or T & M ....and many complain on this forum....yet some say they are brilliant.  With these firms you get small plugs that are not cheap and will not be at their best for at least a year.  They give reputable mail order companies a bad press.


Not had a bad experience with J.Parkers. I have had 2 plants fail but were replaced without a problem. Personally they should advise on the site if a plant is in stock or not. I have had no problems with their bulbs - healthy and raring to go! Better than the dried out bulbs in supermarkets and garden centres.


Their bulbs are good but their plants rarely live up to expectations.  Bought some plants from them years ago including 10 x hemerocallis.  I'm still waiting for some to flower as they were so small when they came and so far, apart from one yellow one, they're all 'Sammy Russell' type.  Unfortunately that's the one variety that I already had!  Every other plant, whether shrubs or perennials, have all failed and they're not cheap.  I've had better results from Wilkos plants and they are cheap.

Morning hollytree

I agree exactly with you.  Bulbs good but plants awful

Verdun wrote (see)

Morning hollytree

I agree exactly with you.  Bulbs good but plants awful

Make that 3 agrees!

I ordered some orienral poppies 4 for £12  -odd plus postage . They arrived not as small plants  as Id had a few week ago from Jersey .

These were 1 to 2 inch dried up black roots , and 1 piece of white root 3 inch long . No planting instructions so I set them in pots of free draining  soil . The same as Id done with the small jersey's actual plants    .(  Which were almost double in size since they arrived ).

I checked after a few weeks . I ended up phoning for a replacement as I couldnt even find  the dried up roots .

I will follow this up when ? I recieve the replacement .

To give credit where its due , my shrubs which I had from them about 8 yrs ago are realy beautiful  and in flower right now -

Oh really?  I bought various perennials from Parkers which are fairly poor.  Very small as you say - some freeby fuchsia and dahlias came and are doing OK although I didn't need or want them.  I'm actually still waiting for my hellebore order so I'd better get on the phone and see if they are actually coming.  Who do people recomment as a herbaceous supplier?


angela, look at Woottens..


Just recieved a letter from them saying that due to demand they have run ot of the plants I ordered , as I ordered them 2 months ago its seems first come first served doesnt apply.

I think Parkers have changed ownership , They are not as good as they used to be . must add though I am still waiting for the replacements . So I could have a change of mind.

I mostley go to the garden centers now. 


nodisab, I hope that you hadnt ordered the poppies which I had ordered.They have just arrived and are much better than the first lot . but as I say things are differant how they work . They are now saying you only have so long to complain about a shrub . I can not agree with this as you usualy get some as bare roots. So by the time they are supposed to get into leaf , its too late .


ive long said that many of these plugs of perennials....., not so much annuals or bulbs......are not really worth buying.  working out the cost of these plugsand small bare roots and the postage and compare to buying a decent named variety of a plant you really want and that will flower now or soon, well to me its a no-brainer.

one good plant is better than a lot of scrawny embryos that might, might, become something next year.  buy quality not quantity..cheaper in the long run too

I have dealt with Parkers for11 years and i would say 80% 0f orders i have been delighted with as well as the freebies, the ones that never suvived or were damaged in transit were always replaced without any argument, i would agree thaat the plug plants are on the small side but i find in most cases ther are more than what you order so if you do lose some - theres extra - but even so i find that i have excellant results and NEVER buy from other sources , I am elderly live on a pension and find they are affordable,  Thanks Parkers keep up the good customer relations


I bought collections of Surfinia and giant trailing Fuchsias, these were replaced when problems arose. However the replacements of one Fuchsis, Deep Purple all died from the root up to the tip of the plant between one week and 8 weeks from receiving them. All just turned dark and woody on the main stem and branches, gradually creeping all the way to the tip, the last this week. What could cause this? Al other varieties are going well and flourishing.

other than this My plants and. My experience of Parker's has been good.


I placed an order with Parkers, around the start of August, couldnt remember when, and somehow deleted the confirmation email, so I didnt know what I had ordered. I sent them an email at 3pm yesterday, Sunday, and by 3.30 the copy of the confirmation email was in my inbox, service or what?

And I know I will have to nurture the plugs over winter but by the late Spring they will be out and flowering by summer.

I know a lot of people like the instant garden, but I am happy to nurture for a while and get them for almost free. 

I have beautiful shrubs, huge, that I planted in spring 2012, fantastic flowering, all 1.99 in their sale.

For me, 

I couldnt buy from the GC , I need to put plants  in groups of 5 or six or they would be lost in this garden, Parkers fits the bill for me everytime.

Yes, I agree Lyn.  Providing we're willing to nuture the plants, they do grow really well.  They offer fantastic value for money.  The other thing that I've found that if one out of say, a pack of 3 doesn't survive, they replace all 3 of the plants.  Apart from some really specific requirements which I've purchased locally, my garden is full of Parkers produce.