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hollie hock

Very pleased with my new little jacobs ladders, grown from collected seed. They are in little pots in the cold frames. The roots are coming on but not filling the pot yet.

Do they die back and re emerge next year? I've not been that successful at over wintering pots in the past but don't want to lose them.

I've got some new space that i could plant them into just that they are so small at the moment



In a word hollie - yes!

I used to have the white one in a shady border in my old garden. Very pretty 

Oh yes hollie

 check out the variegated ones...Stairway to Heaven and Brise d'Anjou. (Bet I've spelt that wrong....I had better check).   Same blue flowers but on delightful foliage 


No - you're right Verd. Used to have that one too - before I decided I don't like pale blue flowers 

hollie hock

Thank you both. Looks like they are going in today Might plant a couple in larger pots as well. The original plant was a self seeder. I don't often buy plants or seeds but will check out the variegated types and didn't know that they came in white. I'm a bit of sucker for white in the garden



Mine self seed, I just move the little plants where I want them any time, doing some now actually. 

hollie hock

I'm hoping mine do the same Lyn, the bees like the one that arrived in the pot. I really like the foliage as well as the flowers.

Can't really remember Jo, maybe a couple of months ago? They germinated well. The ones I have are the pale blue/lilac and white. I love purple but  OH has said this year that's too much purple in the garden!! Been planting out purple sweetrocket & honesty so there's more of that to come

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