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I was given some freshly dug up japanese anemones today. Shall I pot them up or plant them out. And shall I cut them back, probably better for the plants or leave them to carry on producing flowers, definitely better for me.

They're white and I've lost both white ones I've tried previously

star gaze lily

If they have come out of someones garden, I don't see why you couldn't put them back in the ground.  The earth is still warm so should be fine. I have 3 white ones and they are fine, but my pink one doesn't seem so good this year.


I would be inclined to cut the foliage back to stop the stress to the plant. Best for it to achieve a good root system now whilst its still warm.

Should make for a much better plant next year

Hiya nut.  I would plant out ASAP.  Not sure it would make much difference cutting the foliage back as it would be naturally dying down anyway.  

Be wary of where you plant them though..they will spread.....alarmingly so when established. ..and disrupt all other plants in the border.


Nut's got plenty of room for things to spread 

Hey Nut .... we're heading your way next weekend - are you around?  Are PMs working?  Or did I give you my personal emal once upon a time? 



Hi Dove, yes I have your email. Have you got mine and my phone number? PMs work but have to be searched for. New ones don't come in at the top. We're around next weekend.


Thanks folks, I'll get those anemones out this morning between the showers. Dove's right Verdun. There's plenty of room. When I go to the nurseries I'm looking for plants that are trying to escape from the pots.


No Nut, don't think I have your email or phone number (if I had them they've been written somewhere safe where I'll never find them again )

I imagine we might see you on Monday?


Yes, Monday is good. I'll email you Dove


Nut - Plant them in the garden now, but they do take a year or two to settle in.  I have given clumps to friends and they say the same thing.  They should be lovely in your garden when they geting going.


Thanks all. They're in.

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