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Never tried, have always found that they 'take' quite easily from splitting congested clumps, J.


Since they self seeded all over my garden, then the answer must be yes. BUT why on earth would you want to? And the seedling ones are not as good as the named bought ones either.

Lulu The Lurcher

Only because I just have the one. However if they self seed I won't bother. Thanks!



Root cuttings is a good propagation method, then you get more of what you started with


Lulu, they spread vigorously.  You will be able to dig up numerous pieces in a couple of years.  Think Berghill is right......divided pieces will come true but seedlings ( not been aware they seed very easily though) could be hit n miss in quality.  And take longer.


Hate to say it, but the only way you can get  A, leveillei to gorw from seed is if you can get fresh from a plant.

ALL Anemones have much the same ptroblem, the seed has only a short viability span. For example I have one, A, rivularis. Unless you remove the seed when it is still green and sow straight away, nothing grows.


Can't grow the bloody stuff for toffee here

Emma!  Language.  Gentlemen here     You're prob lucky ......they can and do, eventually, take over 


I thought I read somewhere that JA don't like to be disturbed so wouldn't taking a root cutting jeopardise the plant? Or might I have been reading about some other plant?

Heard that too clk but I've never had a problem with propagating jap anemones.  I've always done it by digging up rooted suckers.  Luckily, I now have eradicated all jap anemones from my garden. 


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