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uh oh, had another go at jasmine yesterday, have i gone too far,, kept chopping what i thought were dead stalks then when pulled out had a foot of green on end, it was vvv leggy now bit thin too, cut each stem back to healthy buds, have i gone too far or will it bush up and flower this year, sorry no punctuation holding baby as usual


I reckon I did that last year but it's been fine this year  hope yours will too

Busy Bee2

What sort of jasmine is it?

officianale was too prenant toi prune autumn!!

Orchid Lady

I was going to prune mine as I couldn't see any signs of life, but I've been out this morning and it has buds on it so now I'm not sure what to do either.  It was a new plant last April (a 40tth pressie off my sis) and flowered but only a bit, although it has grown a lot......these plants do cause us problems until we know what to do Louise


Tracey............they cause us problems even when we do know what to do

Louise............"holding baby" = "no punctuation".  An excellent excuse..........shame I'm far too old to use it in my posts  In my experience, it takes quite a lot of effort to kill the common long as you have some live shoots, it should be ok even tho you may miss the usual mass of flowers this year.

Orchid Lady

So, do I chop it or leave it?? 

chop it definitely, i was aware you should prune autumn but was size of battleship and didn't ..mine is at least 20 poss 30 years old, and had been left unpruned for years so is awfully leggy, take opportunity to keep it in hand, i'd lightly prune now, then do same each autumn, i know, advice from me!!! i found a root when i was digging a hole for my new rose ( was naughty again, but found david austin rose for £11.50 free p p on ebay!) it's a good inch thick, plant to attack it with pruning saw today if i'm allowed an hour...and  i've yet to make a real start on fig tree, faffed a bit and lightly pruned last year but now need to get in a bit's a lovely tree but taking over.... oops have digressed as usual... philippa, do you think my jasmine will withstand me chopping a root  off, it's alost a metre frtom ,main stem underground i presume riddled with them

Louise...................if it's possible, trace the stem back as far as you can and see if it has roots on.  If so, you can cut it off and pot it up.  If the stem is very long, trim it back.  If you can't find any roots, you could try layering it (peg it down at a joint and cover with compost - it should then form roots and you can then carry on as above.

Sorry..........just re read and I may have misunderstood.  If you have a stem with plenty of root on, yes you could just cut where it came away from the main plant and dig it out.  Hope this helps. 

Orchid Lady

I have pruned my Jasmine today, wasn't 100% sure what I was doing so fingers crossed.  Didn't cut too much off, just straggly bits and tidied it up, then attached it onto the wires I put in the fence last year, hopefully it will spread better and look nice 


I had to move my Jasmines as next doors fence was damaged in the winds we had. I have had to lift them and they are now in the back garden. I have given them a prune and they seem to be ok. I will not be moving them again, they can stay where they are. Mine are winter Jasmine, I've still got lovely yellow flowers on them. I do't think they were out of the ground long enough to know what was going on.

thanks philippa, it's actually layered itself in a few places, i chopped the root to plant the rose, pruned as m,uch as i dare ihn one go, it looks awful now but hope it'll bush up a bit and flower again late summer, ill let you know, also forgot to mention, it's got loads of black berries on, worth planting?

I always cut my jasmine back very hard.  Last week I did mine.  Looks dead, no leaves left but it will be just fine and flower late summer.  A hard cut back promotes a bushy plant 

star gaze lily

Philippa, you could pretend you're babysitting  

Was going to trim mine a bit this morning! 

Louise.....I wouldn't bother with the berries.  I'm sure your Jasmine will do better for the trimming're going to trim a baby today ????  Ouch.......

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