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I bought a jasmine earlier this year with little white flowers and its highly scented, its gorgeous. My problem being that I have put it at the base of my pergola, south facing, and it has flowererd and still a couple of flowers on there however it has grown about 1.5 metres and has now stopped growing.

I thought it would have grown higher than this??????

Should I have dead-headed as the flowers were dying? Seems to have lots of new growth but not sure if I have done something wrong and that is why its stopped growing. There was no labellling on the plant when I bought it so cannot give you any info as to its proper name - sorry! But if you can help it would be amazing

Thank you


Hi Lucy, I have got a jasmin, mine is in a pot. When I first got it I thought the same as you, it seemed to stop growing and I thought it was dying. But it grew really well the next year and now its so lovely. I don't do anything to mine only make sure it is watered well as its in a pot and fed well. Oh, and the scent it gives off is just amazing.  I'm sure you haven't done anything wrong. Good luck.

Oh thankyou mrsdonuts, i am so relieved!!
Mine too is in a pot like yours and all ive done is feed every 2 weeks and water when needed. I am so glad it will be ok. Do you think mine will die down completely in winter and then re-grow next spring? Quite new to all this and there was no kabel with it to advise. Tried looking on the www but as i have no specific name i'm not sure what to expect. And yes, the scent is truly amazing - i love it!!
Thanks so much - have a lovely evening altho what is left of it as its after 10pm already - time flies when having fun in the garden xx

Hi Lucy, it sounds like yours is Jasmine Officionale - summer jasmine

Yours has been busy flowering so it won't have been putting on much growth - it'll probably grow some more after flowering.  If you have a look at the link above it'll tell you about cutting back the old flowering shoots to a strong bud after flowering, and shortening any weak growth, but as yours is a very young plant it shouldn't need much pruning.  Just feeding and watering as it says.  And some protection in the winter - maybe some fleece around it when the weather gets really cold.

Thank you Dovefromabove, really appreciate your help. Had a look and this certainly looks like the one i have so ive printed the care advice and its in my shed to refer to, once again thank you for your help ...... Have a nice day



Hi Lucy I do trim mine back in early spring before it starts bursting into life. It always seems to get through the winter ok, I do move it to a more sheltered spot in the winter so that may help. 


As most of its flowers are on the previous years growth it's a mistake to prune in early spring as you'll lose the early flowering and only get the smaller second flush which develop on the tips of the new season's growth.

 Prune after flowering, this way the new growth has time to mature and flower early in the next season.


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