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can anyone help im looking for a plant or small shrub with jean in the title

HI SPENNO, I would like some with Jean as well.
Matty2, clicked on the link but was informed by RHS that I did not name the plant, I typed in jean and they sent loads of others which sounded like jean but were not. Thanks though.
Oh, Matty2, I have tried again and found a lovely Granny Jean Blue Iris and others by clicking on some more information on that link you sent. Thanks very much. Try it Spenno, there are loads in there.


Just checked and there is a dianthus called jean.  It's an easy plant family to get christian names from.  Pelargoniums too may be worth a look


Fuchsia are also good for names - Make sure you get a hardy one if it is to be permanent

Can find names fro most people between fuchsias, roses etc but never found a hardy plant with my name (not Matty)

Hey matty

What about mattyola?


I'll get my coat........


But real name is definately not Matty 

If I told you it I would no longer be incognito 



just went on that link from Liz and there is a rose with my name - it's a hybrid tea - not sure I am a hybrid tea. as I've said before - plant must suit the person.


I have a beautiful white hybrid tea called Jeanne Moreau, it has large flowers & what I found hard to find in a white HT, a strong fragrance.

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