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What an unusual flower - Looks like someone has dropped a blue smartie in the centre!

Clerodendron trichotomum, not too many seeds this year and very late. There are still flowers to come.



I love that nutcutlet

My Callicarpa always makes me smile

Pam LL x



Another great colour !


My clerodendrum is flowering now and very pretty it is to. Sadly though I never get the berries. I wonder why.


Mine have had less berries as time has gone on punkdoc. I think it's because they're more over-shadowed now. They're very late this year.

I love that callicarpa Pam, mine did very poorly from the start and when I did get berries they were more 'old lady mauve' than a stunning colour like yours. I may try again with better positioning

gardenning granny

good year for callicarpa, Lilylouise.  Mine is a mass of colour - such an unbelievable colour for berries.

 this seed head always makes my laugh too! it's magnolia.


This one makes me laugh. It's laughing. The black pearls of Paeonia, probably lutea but could be delavayi.

I should label my pics when I take them.

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