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Secret Squirrel

Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked before, What level of John Innes do I go to next when I need to pot on  the seedlings, is it No1 or No2 ? Thanks


At a guess No 1 but it says what they're for on thebag

I would go for JI number 2 


john innes no.1 is for potting on seedlings


Number 2 for me every time conditional on being vigorously growing cuttings.  If weak growing I move again into number 1 but this is rare for me preferring to delay potting on instead 



Could someone please explain to me how John Innes gets its name?


Thanks, so can any company put the John Innes name to their compost, assuming the mixture is correct?


Hi Mark, i down loaded this from Gardening Data .com to help me understand it all its quite helpfull i find,


Thanks very much. I was wondering if the Innes family were living the high life from royalties

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