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I want to fill gaps in my garden from July until the frosts cut them down.  I have plenty of shrubs but need perennials. I love purples, whites and subtle pinks.

Hello elliedaisey

Start off with our fav....verbena bonariensis.  Agastaches come in purple blues.  Salvias...tender and hardy....flower for most of that time. pink and white..scabious come in pink.  Aster frikartii monch is dark blue, so not purple.  Veronica's in white too.  Osteospermums in pinks and whites.  Anemone wild swan flowers forever.  Penstemons come in purple, white and pink.  Hardy geraniums like Wargrave pink, Kashmir white, Elke, and lots more.  Helianthemums, phlox, verbena Homestead purple, white and pink echinaceas, etc 

If you included tender perennials like argyranthemums and dahlias you would have quite a show


There are some very pretty new catmint varieties, i just got a one called blue dragon, which has very large flowers, and another called purple haze which has buddleja like flowers. Although i've just put these in, if they are anything like standard catmint, they should spread and flower all year. 

I got them here it's my local nursery which also does online, although i suspect you'll be able to pick them up locally.

Great ideas, though I'm not familiar with all of them.  Thank you.


Oh and for late purple/pink flowers don't forget sedums. The bees will be greatful to you



Anemone japonica!

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