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Bunny ...
Violas will be fine outside mine are out all year .
Thanks bunny, so do violas survive all year round and come out the next year? I was under the impression they were a one season plant!
Bunny ...
No keep deadheading and they keep coming back


Just to be clear the plants in those baskets are the wrong combinations -you need to take them out of the basket-you cannot put these outside as planted now for at least 2 months even in the daytime-it is just too cold -they are summer plants.

The violas a one season plant -but if you dead head them they will keep flowering till they run out of steam around June-then discard and replace with summer bedding


 Nivlac ,    these sorry looking Pancys and viola's have been in these baskets since october




wow and i presume they will perk up as the weather gets better?
ok new project to start I will be unplanting the basket now what combination do people suggested I should go for ? I will be potting the plants i unplant and trying to grow them on in the widows, oh gosh my misses is going to hate me with plants n soil all round the house until they can go outside lol!!!

she'll love you when they flower, and when her friends come round and mention 'lovely flowers, wish my husband could do that'.. it's all a game..




 Look at their little smiley faces!

Pansies, violas, bellis daisies, primroses, see what they have in the Garden Centre or supermarket that's in flower now. I like violas best. Then end of May replace with summer bedding, such as petunias, lobelia, verbena, pelagoniums etc. If it sounds expensive think that it's much much cheaper that buying a bunch of flowers every week.



I would put the violas in the hanging baskets,the sweet williams in the troughs-and/or the sweet peas-those are hardy-that leaves the petunias and fuschias to grow on indoors-they are not hardy

Hi everyone,

Every year i get so frustrated that my hanging baskets, planted with trailing fuscias, petunias and verbenas, just grow upwards and not downwards, how do i encourage them to trail out of the basket?? I water them, i baby bio them, i don't know what else to do! This year i even bought them ready-planted from an independent garden centre to see if it would make any difference, but it hasn't!

Thanks for any advice!

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