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Michael Ashworth

I have just purchased an olive tree from Tesco great buy for £20, however I would like to position  this outside, whats the best soil mixture for it has I would like to put this in   a large pot.  Any sugestions please

Paul N

You need to imitate the type of soil they grow in in Mediterranean countries ie gritty, good draining soil. They can be a bit tender in the UK until they get well established and used to the cold, damp winters and we lost one of our two olives last winter. So avoid damp, claddy soil or compost.

Michael Ashworth

Many Thanks Paul, hopefully in winter months I will put this back in the Greenhouse.


Yes I saw them there today as well, but I resisted as I'm sure they would need too much TLC in the winter months. I already have a patio peach that has to be molly-coddled for half the year! Good Luck!


I bought some Olives (9 in total) from a place called Architectural Plants down in West Sussex. They have done really well in my West London garden and the took really quickly. I would say that they are quite hardy in a city garden, just don't put them in a pot as their roots get cold! Check out their website (, it appears that they now sell online too, though seeing the place is a must, a lovely day out to a tropical paradise.


Michael Ashworth

Many thanks to all the advise, I hope I have a successful year with my new Olive Tree, I will keep you posted.

Hi, I bought two Olive Trees from Malvern show today. I was told to feed them with seaweed extract. Anyone know where I can get this at a reasonable price? Thanks

Michael Ashworth

Hope you had a good time at Malvern, just checked out ebay you should find some good prices for seaweed extract, hope this helps.

Thanks for advice, will check it out. Yes we had a good time at Malvern, saw some fabulous plants and could have spent a fortune but managed to keep it under £50 which was a result!

i need help in what to grow around old olive trees,moveing to Spain my son knows how to prune them, any help on plants to grow in all that sun shine.

I bought an olive tree today at B&Q, it only cost me £7.50, as they are selling them off for half price at the moment. I will put it in my south facing porch, and hopefully it will thrive there.

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