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I am the proud owner of a beautiful but rather big kaffir lily, which I have had since it was a 'baby'.  It now needs dividing and I am a bit nervous to do this.  Should I basically just take a spade to it and divide it that way or is there a better way to ensure it survives.  It is extremely healthy and produces lots of flowers.    This plant is an indoor one which I keep in my porch.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.



Are you sure it needs dividing?  They hate root disturbance and prefer to be pot-bound.

If it really is outgrowing it's pot I'd wait until after it's flowered then in late spring /early summer ease it gently out of the pot and prise off some of the offsets that doubtless it has and pot them on.  Then slip your mother-plant back into her pot with some fresh compost.


Hi Carol, Kaffir lilies can be propagated from 'offsets' which grow from the main tuber and can be easily separated.  However, Kaffirs resent being disturbed and like being pot-bound, so it could be risky.  Wait until after flowering, then try and release the rootball from the pot.  If you can see any offsets around the edges, it should be easy to pull them off and plant them in small pots without seriously damaging the main tuber.


Thank you for that. It is a very large plant which I have had for about ten years.  I repotted it 2 years ago into a huge pot but the roots are quite literally coming over the edges again.  I will take your advice and wait until after flowering and take as many offsets as I can.  Such a beautiful plant, I would hate to loose it.  Once again, I appreciate your help.   

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