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kate mccomb

Yes Monty i achived growing Primula bulleyana  from the unripened seeds   .last year on Gardners world he tryed and so did I without sucess but this year I kept the seeds in the coldframe for around 8 days and then transferred them to the cold greenhouse when they poked there little heads through.

I feel pround and look forward to my next challenge..

Come on then someone give me one?


Muvs Dashwood

Thallictrum. Such a gorgeous plant and apparently very difficult to propogate. I have had mine a couple of years and have noticed a baby that has strayed a little further from the main plant so I'm gonna see if I can separate it off.


Which Thalictrum? I spend my life removing sedlings of T. of various kinds.

Heres a challenge then, Hepatica. They need growing from green seeds too.


Muvs Dashwood

Hewitt's Double. My favourite plant because the leaves look like Maidenhair fern and you get lovely little flowers to boot. I haven't tried propogation, even Carol Klein said it was difficult, scared me off. I don't have a greenhouse, cold frame or nuttin' so just soil and hope for me.


Have to find Hewitt's Double in the garden somewhere and try it. The species definitely self seed in my garden, especially T aquilegifolium.


kate mccomb


Trillium Seeds  next see how I get on.I have read it can takes to years to germinate them .Two cold periods and then another 3 to 5 years for them to flower.Its a challenge and will keep you informed. OK will look up the Hepatica and give it a go. I have grown Algave from seed this year and also Bananas. Thank you for your replies all..Lets get setting Kate.





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