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 I know there's loads to choose from but these are two of my favorites, Gazebo Red and Peppermint Rock, the latter is a very changeable variety ranging from almost all white with the narrowest pink strip around the outer edeges, to almost 50/50 pink and white varigation all over the petals. Just tie a piece of string around the stem of your favorite flowers and save the seed for next year. Im not sure if they cross pollinate with the other varieties that I grow because they change so much but isn't waiting to see what you've got half the fun?

Pennine Petal
They look so pretty Zona, have been around a few gardens this week and seen some lovely shows of cosmos. I am going to grow them next year, though have never done before. The two in your photos look so pretty.

Thankyou, thats very kind. They're really easy but dont plant them out till they're about eight inches tall as slugs and snails love the new foliage. They're just as happy in pots or the ground but will need some support as they two varieties above grow to nearly 4ft.There are shorter varieties such as ladybird which only grow to about a foot. Just give them lots of sun and dont let them dry out too much.

Zona, your photo is lovely, didn't realise there were so many different shades to be had.  I also didn't realise how tall they grow.  Needless to say mine are all in the wrong places.  Will put it right next year.

Jean Genie

I just love the peppermint rock . I haven't heard of either of those cosmos but have made a note of them for next year. Lovely photos. Zona. I know what you mean about them being slug fodder though.  I left a little pot out over night to give to my friend earlier in the year and next morning, all that was left  was a munched stalk ! I don't usually plant mine until they are the size you mentioned.  I grew seashells and sensation mixed this year and also some free ones that were given away in a gardening mag which were white . Bippa something or other ! Mine didn't do very well this year but I blame the weather. Having a new fence erected didn't help either .



i grow them every year.. this year i had pink fizz a lovely one and dicot.. likeyou one white with purple edges and a mixed whites and pinks and dark pink.. mine all grow to bout 4ft and get very bushy..

but i never keep them over winter they are really an anuual.. i collect the seeds from the last flwoer heads and sow them next year.. i have not had any cross pollinate as yet.


 Pink Fizz


 and didcot.


Lovely pics gardeningfanatic and Zona, I might see if I can add some myself later.

They're so easy to grow from seed I don't think it's really worth the effort trying to over winter them, especially if, like me, you have limited space.


won first prize with mine at a local flower show recently. I also save seed from my own plants year on year with no problems and even had a few self sown plants appear this year, which was a nice surprise.


did`nt see this page of cosmos... really lovely flowers...I have this yr grown a lonely one as slugs etc got the other..but I do have my 1st one & only flower on it.. well worth the wait..

Thanks for the comments, I too grew the fizzy pink variety but they were slower to flower than the others and are hopelessly weak in the stem. Theyre a pretty plant though, just be prepared to support them and if you have a windy site give them some protection.The short stemmed lady bird variety were also a first time try this year and only the spares | gave away flowered, Doh! The orage flowers made a welcome change from the usual white through pink spectrum though.


@zona.. they have been shorter in statue that the others but is at top of garden very windy and not stacked it at all.. i hve found it does not produce so many flowers as the didcot one has.. or the other single flowered ones.

Muvs Dashwood

I read in an article in the telegraph that said you can do the 'chelsea chop' to cosmos. I grew them for the first time this year - free seeds - and will definately be growing them every other year and trying the the chop too.

Muvsdashwood, yes do the Chelsea chop on cosmos. They are bushier and flowering then continues to the frosts. Most annuals and perennials benefit from this treatment.

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