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We are thinking bout making a trip to Keukenhof this spring - has anyone been?  Any good tips ?  Many thanks 


Wear comfy shoes and make sure you have layers of clothes and a backpack to keep them in if not needed because you can get biting cold winds off the North Sea and showers and hot sun.  I've had all 3.   

Get there early to enjoy it before the coach trips arrive and make sure you camera battery is fully charged and your memory cleared.  It is exceedingly photogenic.

Keep a close eye on your credit card.  The gardens are a display/shop front for Dutch bulb growers who have little chalets full of catalogues to tempt you to order on the spot.   Better to make a not of what you like and their online address and order form the calm of your home.

This was it in 2007.  The displays change each year to showcase new varieties and new combinations. 

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I visited in the mid 1990's - super place - probably a lot busier now !

No real tips other than to second the above comment re camera battery

Hope you have a wonderful time


Thanks very much Obxx and Philippa - we'll definitely try and to get there early.  I'll let you know how we get on 


Pics please.  Have a great time.


Keukenhof is big so allow at least 5 hours for your visit. Paths are well surfaced and we'll laid out. Plan an approximate route and make regular stops. There are plenty of places for refreshments. Coffee and Dutch apple cake was reasonably priced. Prioritise your time, maybe staying outside when the weather is good and being selective about what you see indoors. Phone cameras have their limitations. Better to have a camera with macro mode, wide angle and medium telephoto. Use your camera as a note book by making pics of plant labels, names of growers etc. The growers stalls outside the main entrance offer good value. Relax and enjoy!

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Thanks John - we are going in a couple of weeks - really looking forward to it 

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