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Has anyone tried to grow the following plant from seed? Is it successful? Secondly if it is successful does someone have seeds they can spare?

Knautia macedonia


Woodgreen wonderboy

Mine seed around from seed shed nearby. Should be no problem.


Self seeds all over the place, never bothered collecting any. Another weed!


Oh yes, they grow from seed.

I haven't got seed at the moment but might have later. Having said they seed everywhere, they're a bit down this year

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good plant in a cottagy garden. Keeps flowering if you dead head, but this can take ages!!!!


Thank you  Nutcutlet let me know if you have some seeds later please. 


I've grown them from seed, they come true and have a  good germination rate

Eleventh Hour, if you pm me your details I can send you some. I have some Sarah Raven seed left over. You''ll have to wait a week as I'm away at the moment, but can dispatch them on my return.

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