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Can anyone recommend some good Pokers..........from early to late including some good yellow ones.

Would appreciate some suggestions............thanks


There's a small one called Little Maid. It's about 2' and is creamy yellow. Very pretty, and smaller than most so would be good near the front of a border 


Those are lovely Fairygirl - just looked them up.  The red/yellow ones are a bit too garish (and large) for my taste.  Hmm, I feel another order coming on!



Agree with you about the standard 'matchstick' ones. Not my thing 

One called Bees Lemon, very nice yellow


Percy's pride...check it out.  Nice with verbena bonariensis  Or aconitum 


Wrote some notes on some this summer:

Bee's Lemon: Strong yellow flower and strong looking plant, hardy in north. 3ft ish

Toffee Nosed: Tops of flowers are caramel coloured with lower down white, nice and subtle. (Hardy in North)

Triangularis: Orange pokers, nice neat flowers (compared to some) but lots!

Papaya Popsicle:Papaya flesh coloured flowers. Very floriferous flower several times on the same stem.

Strawberries and Cream: Made it through very cold winter a few years ago but foliage is messy, looks like grass. 




Thanks Dove.............sounds like another good one to look at.


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