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hi I would like to buy this plant but don't want yo grow it in a tub  could I dig a large hole in my small bit of garden and fill it with  acid soil would it still grow well 

many thanks 



Hi Margaret, I have one, and live in Surrey. I  had another one outside in the ground and it died. I replaced it with the one that I have now and it has lasted for 12 years in the greenhouse. I was told that it is not frost hardy. Maybe that is why the first one died. It was slow to grow but now flowers its heart out, without fail; every year. It is beautiful and the flowers look as if they are artificial. Worth an investiment as it not demanding at all expect for the usual plant needs. Enjoy!

hollie hock

If this is the same as the Chinese latern plant there's a very good offer in the latest GW magazine


No, thats' hardy, dies down in winter and pops up again in the spring. The berries are edible. Restaurants serve them as decor on desserts partially dipped in chocolate.

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