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I have some baby larkspur I grew from seed.I'm not sure whether to plant them in tubs or in the border.Does anyone else have experience of them? This is the first time I've owned any.


The annual larkspur?

I'd have that in the garden. 


Oooh yes, in the garden border - such very pretty things - they'll self-seed too so you'll have some next year too - mix them up with other cottage garden plants, you'll have a picture 


I've just sown some straight into the border; never grown them before.

Fishy, love the picture of your dog


I grew these in a thin, stony little border under a back window in my first proper garden along with Nigella and they were lovely. Very easy. 



Many thanks folks for your very helpful replies.Yes nutcutlet I'm pretty sure they're annuals,I bought a packet of seeds...sowed them into 10 cells and got 5 plants.

One thing to ask,are slugs/snails likely to eat them? I get a lot in my garden and would hate to see my babies gobbled up,they're still small and I hate putting pellets down.I think that's why I was considering tubs cos I can control slug access more easily.

Thank you artjak,we lost him in March 2012 and having a pic of him keeps him alive in my heart.We have another Border and a Black Lab now 


In the border but go careful if you let them self seed. After 4 yrs of letting mine self seed im over run with them. Theres hundred growing thro peonys pinks any anything else you can think of. This yr I had to pull buckets of them out as they had overtaken my garden and had even travelled 100metres up the garden then they jumped into the veggie garden so beware.


I have that with Love in a mist but can't get the larkspurs to do it


Thanks guys...hmm that's interesting.Perhaps it is different soil types etc and trial and error.In my garden its Candytuft and Hollyhocks that come up everywhere.In a way I do hope they self seed rapidly,I like plants that can look after themselves cos it saves me having to do it 


Nigella also did that to me;it has taken about 7 years to eradicate and I still have a few this spring!

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