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I'm inspired but I have some questions first.

If I was to compost my green waste would It smell much.

Also my current decking location in my garden I can see all of my boundaries where would you put your compost bins I’m thinking of around two wooden bins

Also do you put all your green waste including weeds into a compost bin?





Pennine Petal

Hi Clueless, follow Monty'ad civics from last night's GW. You need a mix of dry and greeput there should be advice on this site too. It shouldn't smell if you do it properly.

Stacey Docherty

Clueless we have two woobins compost bins (recycle works) and they don't smell at all... You do need to water them though or you will or can end up with mice in the winter... The compost bins smell less than the rubbish bin!


If you want to hide the bins Clueless, you could erect a few posts and build a simple wooden frame covered in trellis which would act as a screen.  Growing evergreen climbers through the trellis will keep it hidden in the Winter, too.


Cool I had thought about a wicker screen that I could move when I need to work in and on the compost heehee


Right all I need now is some comfrey and i'm just about organic but where do you get this from 





James, look for "Bocking 14" which doesn't produce seeds (self-seeding can be a problem with comfrey.)  Most of the main suppliers like T&M will have young plants available.

Be careful putting too many weeds into your compost - I think you may need

to research which ones you shouldn't put in (in fact I think I will too, although I

avoid composting all weeds generally! )  Like you - I still have a lot to learn!  


You can get bocking 14 comfrey from the organic gardening catalogue (chase organics)


Thank you all for the suggestions regarding the Comfrey Blocking 14 I've been to my local garden centre and bought some root so I shall plant it in a big flower pot.


Flowersforbees please let me know what you find out about weeds please 

Big thanks to bob, fidgetbones, petal and stacey for your input as well

James  xx


I don't put perennial weeds in CG, just annuals, and whenever possible  I  leave them lying for a day or so to dry out thoroughly before I put them in. I put perennial ones in the brown bin we have for council recycling. 

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