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I took some cuttings in September and a few have overwintered with minimal growth. I have been taking the tips out of the long growing shoots when they appear. Some cuttings look better than others! What now though. I split them from the cutting pots and put in individual modules in about January I think, I did this using spent compost. Do I now take them up, knock off excess compost and pot on. How do I get them moving and in my horsey terms 'kicking on'???? I have........ Looking good.... Coreopsis sunrise Geyser x3 varieties Scabiosa Looking sick but hanging on.... Dahlia Lobelia Platycodon (balloon flower) Fuschia Verbena rigida Never done cuttings before, I have only about 2-5 of each so sounds like lots but in total only 30 cuttings of which 15 look ok but not looking bushy or anywhere near as big ad the garden centre versions. Call me a dreamer but I really want to pick them up and top up my perennial collection and be able to give some healthy bushy plants away.
hollie hock

Only starting out on the cuttings route myself. Might be that they are waiting for some warmth now there is some more daylight to really get them going. I've got seedlings that are not looking so good but hanging on in there. Are you able to gently have a look at the roots, if they are pot bound that might be the cause of poor health.

Think a lot of the garden centre ones are probably forced in some way which is why they look so good. 15 ones that have survived the winter sounds good to me


Don't think they are pot bound. They are on module trays but the pot part is 2x2x3" can see some roots at the healthy plants. Just wondering if I should feed or change the compost as it was old tomato compost!!

I took cuttings about same time as you RD and re-potted them about 4-6 weeks ago with fresh mpc and all seem to be producing new shoots and looking healthy, but still not really any bigger than original cutting, except my nemesia cuttings which I overwintered in an unheated covered walkway with a perspex roof along the side of my house.  I have pinched them out a couple of times already.  I think Hollie Hock is right about needing more warmth and light but also think some new compost would help.  Hurry up spring?!

LorraineP mine are in conservatory and I have a heater overnight. I will buy bigger pots and see how they come on in new compost!



Good luck with the repotting - I don't have a vast knowledge of gardening but have done a lot a cuttings - I'm guessing I'm on the right lines as nobody as said otherwise.  Sorry for dalayed reply bloomin' internet went awol for a few days.


Thanks for your reply. I potted up last night. Most things had roots reaching to the bottom of original pots. Even the verbena rigida have strong squat rroots, however leaf growth non! And original leaves are half brown!! Wondering if all is lost.

Have you ever taken cuttings from cineraria silver moondust? Mine overwintered and I'm wondering if I should take cuttings? Have you tried??

No I havent RD.  Like you I overwintered mine in order to take cuttings but I read somewhere that they dont root well from cuttings - apparently they have a tendancy to go 'mushy'.  Maybe we should have an experiment and see how we get on?  I get really dispondant if my plants fail that's why I havent done any of these cuttings yet, but it's probably worth a go.  What do you think?

PS: good roots on your cuttings looks like a good sign!



Just reading your posts on htis subject girls! I've mainly done cuttings later in year etc but I wonder if the problem is the compost you've used Red? I would tend to use fresh compost and I wonder if there's not been enough nourishment there and possibly some virus or infection in the spent compost, hence the no leaf/brown leaf problem. Now that you've 'kicked on' (know the term well!) they should be ok. If you have decent root systems you should get plenty of plants. Fingers crossed!

I think the weather conditions this year aren't helping either as we're all having to try and create what should be happening naturally.

Everything else has put out good roots just the verbena. V squat roots and went brown half way down leaves very fast and have just stated in that state.

Think I will try a cineraria when I work out what to take as cuttings!

Red Dahlia, unless you looking forward to experimenting with taking cineraria cutting, I saw in Morrisons today (after a tip off on another thread about fuschias which were £1 each )  they  also had various other plants including a tray of 6 cineraria for £2.  Could get some as 'an insurance policy'.

As for the cuttings I was going to cut the top leafy bit of the stems, take some of the lower leaves off and pot these.  Will bring them inside too - my plants overwintered in a sheltered outside corner.  Also when I have got my cuttings I will cut back the plant to some of the lower new shoots, that are starting to appear and repot it in fresh compost.


Will have a look and see. Today I noticed some have gone all limp! Would have thought new growth would peek through soon!

Red Dahlia how are your cineraria cuttings doing?   I took my cuttings last weekend (14 Apr), only one is looking a little weary as yet, so am hopeful of a positive outcome.


Gutted now as I haven't taken any as yet. Ran out of pots after taking some dahlia cuttings!!
Cineraria cuttings best in half perlite and on the very edge of pots but kept moist ...covered in polythene bag out of direct sun.
However can be layered too



Thanks Verdun - you're a mine of information.  

I'll put that in my notebook for future reference.  Did have mine in a covered propergator on top of a cupboard in my utility area, which has a perspex roof, but they got too hot so I removed the cover.  Think'll move them to a lower position out of direct light now and perhaps put its cover back.


Red Dahlia - know the feeling - I don't have dahlia cuttings - will try them next year.  I seem to be forever sourcing more pots and compost - but as we all know, where do you put them all, when its not warm enough to plant out.  


Verdun - do you have any tips on growing lavender from seed or cuttings?

I do much the same as above but wait until lavender has flowered. Mid to late summer, when I trim off old flowers, I look for healthy shoots and either take with a heel...and tidy it up....or 3" or 4" shoots.
At this time of the year I dont cover with polythene...water well and leave in shady spot for 3 weeks or so. Domt water,again until,you have to but then sparingly.
Pot on when roots are seen and then Imto the sun
Thats how I do it

Thanks once again Verdun, you're an absolute star    

Any ideas on how to take camelia cuttings. I have seen a lovely red double petalled bush and would love to try and root a bit.