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Moonlit Hare

I've just been triming back my laurels and the leaves are quite shrivelled and on closer inspection they have a white mould on them.

I've removed as many of the leaves as I could find, is it likely to be from all the rain we've had or does this mean it's probably will spread to the rest of the of the laurels and will we need to take them out befor they spread?

Alina W

It's almost certainly mildew due to the wet. If you get a dry spell spray with one part milk in nine parts water every couple of days to try and control it a bit.

It may well develop on other laurels as well, but there's definitely no need to remove them - it'll go when the weather improves.

Moonlit Hare

Thanks Alina, Like everywhere else it's been proper soggy in Lancs! most of our boarders are laurel so it's a big chunk of greenery to loose, glad we don't have to get to that stage!

Having said that I've made up for it this weekend!  I'll give the milk and water a go.

Thanks again for your help

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