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Annie Schofield

I have decided to plant a laurel hedge as a quick growing screen.  Is there a preferred month for planting?


I'd do it now so it gets going before the cold weather starts


I bought mine as bare root plants in December 2011, planted at the end of that month, they are now 4ft high, beware, they grow very quickly but you can keep them in check, pick out the middles of each branch to promote growth from the base, put a nice lot of compost and a small handful of bone meal in the planting hole.

If you buy bare root plants, which is probably what you will get now, the seller will send them when they are ready to plant.

I'd like to give my laurel hedge a bit of tlc - but not sure what you mean by "middle of the branches" . Do laurels have deep roots?

Sorry, just pick out the growing shoots. I dont know about the roots, havent dug one up.


Thanks Lyn. Just wondered about the roots because I've got another possible site for a laurel - but there's not much depth of soil. Thanks for info.

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