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Sara 4

Please don't tell me the bits of root grow like ivy .... the soil looks like alphabetti spaghetti with them.  The main stem is out, it's all the little bits I'm worried about ...

Don't worry, they won't come back to haunt you unless you leave any bits of stem above ground.

Sara 4

Praise the lord!  Thank you waterbutts I shall dig them in and gloat over the rotting process.  (Did I mention how much I hate laurel?)

if you have a wood burning stove the stems burn really well, long and slow. sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours!

Sara 4

I shall pile them up and glare at them until winter, at least the horrible stuff serves some purpose. Thanks for the tip (and for putting my mind at rest - I was imagining six million little laurels rearing their heads by morning)

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