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David 25

Hi all

Im growing lavender for my garden, im raising them from seed. Im pleased to say quite a few are starting to germinate. I read somewhere that lavender doesnt grow true from seed. what does this mean?

any tips too to make my lavender sucessful



Not growing true from seed means that if you're harvesting seed from your own lavender plants it could have been cross-pollinated by pollen from another variety of lavender so the resulting seedlings will not necessarily be identical to the parent plant but will be a cross.  That's not necessarily a bad thing - you may develop a good new variety 

However none of that is a concern if you are using seed from a commercial producer.

Lavender needs a gritty well-drained soil - it hates to have wet roots.  When planting out add plenty of grit to the soil and make a raised ridge to plant your little lavender plants into, so that excess water drains away easily.  

As they grow give them a really good trimming back after flowering - it looks a bit savage but they soon bounce back and are all the better for it.  The commercial lavender growers of Norfolk cut them back to about an inch of new green growth every September and they have lovely bushy  and longlived plants covered in blooms.

David 25

ok that sounds fine, i thought it may have been something bad. There starting to poke there heads through so i look forward to posting some updates soon.

thanks for the tip.

David 25

Hey these are my lavenders so far. what do you think?

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