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I struggle to tell whether lavenders look healthy

here i have one I have recovered from my old house:


 it looks ok, i think? but am hoping someone more knowledgable can confirm ... also pruning them, im sure ive read they need pruning in April, but again not sure what this particular one needs. Sadly i don't know the variety either.



That looks in excellent health, dj.  It doesn't need pruning at this point and has lots of lovely new growth appearing low down on the branches, which is what you want.  Snip out those dead bits around the base to help prevent diseases though.

Thanks Bob. Im amazed its in in decent nick, its been neglected for a few months.

djjjuk, you could bury that so that the bare stems at the bottom are covered. That would encourage new growth from the buried stems- result free new lavender plants. Just a thought.

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