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Lawn sand killed my herbs

Some of my plants haven't died, but have just gone a bit off... can I ever eat them now?

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I was looking for a way to improve drainage in my pot plants on my balcony, and tried to source some sand to put in them. The only one I could find was "lawn sand", which seemed innoccous to me, so I repotted my herbs and combined compost with the sand. Now I read the packet properly and see that it contains pesticides! This could be why my sage plant went black and my chives wilted a lot after repotting...

I've repotted these again, washed off all the sand, and put some good soil in and some fertiliser... but the question is, can I ever eat these herbs now? That is, if any of them survive.


Lawn sand is not sand.  It contains caustic materials to burn moss for example in lawns.  

Just water well again and leave them be for a while.  Always read the details on anything you buy or use.  ESP,garden products.  Don't go by what seems "innocuous"!


I have successfully used aquarium sand, can be bought at large DIY stores with an aquarium section. Also, if you have neighbours with a childrens sand pit, ask for some of that and wash it thoroughly.


Use perlite in your pots to improve drainage.  Totally inert and safe.

Thanks, I guess I will leave them a couple of months and hopefully they will be ok to eat then... hope I don't get sick off them!

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