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I'm laying in the bath plotting what I want to do with my back borders next year. I have a small garden so always favoured compact flowers but this year I bought a lynchs or some such, red scabious, my own gayser gaura cuttings, astrantia major, verbena and tall lobellia abs shoved them in and they look great.


so our challenge, what flower has flowered throughout whole season or added interest and would be valuable to anyone's garden. Pls include rough size guide.


i would recommend gayser gaura mine is white, about 80cm tall and 60 wide. Small flowers but has gone right thru all season and still looks stunning. Very easy to take cuttings from and replace next year as this appears to be a tender perennial.


please share your most valuable reliable long interest plant

Agastaches have flowered since  early adder for example,

Astrantia jumble hole has never been out of flower.  Astrantia Roma is in its third bout of flowerimg. 

Lychnis coronaria is cut back hard in early September and that makes it flower now until late autumn or beyond.

Heleniums, dahlias, and many others flower for a very long period.  

For very lomg flowerimg I recommend a salvia.....check out Amistad.  This is a glorious plant.  Purple surrounding black on vigorous 4' plus plants and it has flowered from,late spring.


I have Astrantia Sunningdale variagated. Lovely foliage in the early part of the year, then the flowers and now the seedheads, there has been something to see since about late March.  

Dwarf cosmos - forget the tall ones, they have only just startedflowering! The little ones have flowered their hearts out all summer and are still going strong!


hollie hock

I love my rudebekias, grew some last year and they survived the winter so added some cappuchino types and some sweet little totos, small and pretty and have been flowering for ages. Lovely flowers for late summer, autumn

I had tall cosmos and that has been flowering since about July! But it's huge!!!


variagated astrantia, interesting! I love the form and shape of these, interesting even when not in flower

Used to like astrantia Sunningale variegated but now not so sure.  It is quite lovely in the foliage  is yellow and green but soon  becomes tatty looking.  The flowers.....not white or any clear colour.....are certainly the,poorest of any astrantia.  Right now mine look inferior to all the other astrantias I grow.  A thumbs down for me, I'm afraid   It may well be a candidate for extermination or for giving to someone I don't fully like 

Another long flowering.....but tender in most a osteospermum called Voltage Yellow.  Wonderful bright yellow from late spring to now and beyond.  I take cuttings from it....recently taken another batch.....and come next spring will fill some troughs and plant out next to linum perenne (blue flax, another truly long flowering gem for sunny spot.)

Oh, rough size guide?  Osteospermum is about 15 cm high and wide; the linum about 40 cm high by 15 cm wide.

I'm at my farthers steeling seeds. Rudabekkia the yellow daisy type


oh also this year someone bought me 2 lythrums, robin and a dwarf type. Both incredible plants and lovely.


robyn lythrum about 120cm and the dwarf one about 60cm


I've got a large patch of Heliopsis Scabra that has flowered its socks off all summer.  Just collected some seed.   It sure of the variety but it's a double yellow type, about 5ft tall.

Wow bit tall fory tiny garden but googled it and it looks fab!


im trying a bee balm next year! 


My Pensham Penstemon has been in flower since June and is showing no sign of stopping!

As long as you deadhead the flowering spikes it will keep going until the first Frosts.

 Height is about 70cm and spread is about 30cm

 These were taken October 1st

Penstemon looks fab. My problem if I love all flowers. I have learnt that I need to add some height to my slim boarders tho!!



Red dahlia, for "slim height" check out the agastaches, veronicastrums and, of course,  verbena bonariensis.  And grasses....for impact, colour (yes, they flower...many of mine doing so now).....and movement plus staying power .

Verdun - mission unsucessful!! His seed heads are not ready so wasn't the right time. Although he has a penstemon like the pictured one above so thinking cutting or seed!!!

i have verbena and looking others up. Unfortubately the local garden centres seem to sttock the everyday stuff and annuals but not much else!!


looking fior a nice helenium! Not one that looks like it's gone over, I like pert flowers and petals

I have 40 lupins in the greenhouse ready to overwinter but I found this flowered early in the season then looked over! 


My pink echinachia was fab, I hope it drops seed and I get babies!

Red dahlia, for me the best way to grow lupins is to grow them on into 1 3 litre pots before planting out.  You then get lots of "energy" producing plenty of flower spikes.

So pot mine in when?? They are currently in about 4" pots