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Dee Wizz

In my old garden I had a lemon verbena that grew to a reasonable sized shrub and smelled heavenly.  I'd love to have one in my new garden, but have never seen plants on sale anywhere. (My original came from a stall at a fete, in a recycled yoghurt pot!).  Any suggestions as to where I could find one?

Dee Wizz

Thanks - yes there seem to be a few online suppliers, tho I usually prefer to see the plant I'm buying before I buy it! 

Is your local GC an independent or one of the big chains?


Sarah Raven's selling Lemon Verbena.

I love it too but not hardy enough in my part of the world!

The national herb centre, perhill plants, but there should be lots of nurseries stocking lIppia citriodora, lemon verbena.  I grow a couple of plamts in pots near where people walk a d brush against.  Another equally strong scent comes from salvia elegans, the pineapple sage.  This is a wonderful plant for a pot or garden.  Rich pineapple scent when touched.  Grow both plants by your front door

Cuttings of lemon verbena are very easy too and make a sizeable plants in their first season

Grow into large shrubs here 



Lucky Verdun, they take so long to start into growth here that it's too late before they get round to flowering. 

For me it's the young foliage that makes this plant not the flowers ......a nice young plant or three in a container for the summer for a nice lemon fizz

Dee Wizz

I'm in Kent and my original plant had survived for a number of years, but I never managed to get cuttings to take!  Definitely one to grow for the scented foliage rather than the flowers - I used to have it next to the garden bench where I could sit and relax and crush a few leaves from time to time to release the scent ....  aaaahhhh roll on summer!!

Hiya dee wizz

I would try a few in mid spring using perlite and mpc.....3 to 1......and inside a polythene bag.  Also in September with heel cuttings.

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