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Went plant shopping at Bridgemere Garden World today and husband decided we needed a Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla).  Also bought the lavender I wanted to make hedging along the front and 2 sented pelagoniums.

I am looking for any ideas for best conditions for Lemon verbena as I have never grown it before.  Live in Cheshire so not the warmest of climates.  So is it inside, or outside in pot, or in ground or ...


I'd have it in a pot and protect it in winter. I had it in the ground right up against our south facing house and it did survive one winter but was very late appearing the following season. Didn't appear the following year.

Thank you.

Was starting to think about pots I already have and which might be suitable.

Shrinking Violet

Mine survives each winter in the herb garden - but then I'm in the South West and we have particular micro-climate here in Porlock Vale.  That means I can keep things outdoors that would otherwise perish  (I have an indoor plant - succulent, known as the Money Plant - Crassula Ovata - that ought not to be kept outdoors, for example.  A random pot got left outside - and is doing rather well against all odds).

Lemon Verbena is not that hardy, and the suggestion for its being planted in a pot is a very good idea.  I suspect that in Cheshire it will need a bit more protection than I need for my plants!


Definately going for pot now.  If I've not got one suitable then ...... another shopping trip  ... ooooh - what else can be bought?


Lemon verbena is hardy here.  However, I keep it in a pot.  Prune it like a fuschia...hard back....and leave it by side door

Good similar plant is the pineapple sage...salvia elegans.  Rich pineapple scented foliage and scarlet Victoriajane this is your second purchase?  

Both good in pots. Both like it hot and dry


Pineapple sage is more tender than the lemon verbena, the latter stays out all year but when I forgot the salvia it just died in the winter. Since then I have overwintered its replacement in a cool greenhouse and it has been fine - so far. 

Well said bookertoo.  Hardy here but pineapple.....and tangerine ....sage  needs protection in most places.  But what a scent when brushed against


Indeed, yummy - oh for a few scorching hot days for them and us to enjoy!

Shall look out for either when shooping next. Love sented plants.  Cant wait to get some dry weather to plant the lavender

Just a thought victoriajane

Grow a few heliotrope in pots where you walk or sit.  The "cherry pie" plant has wonderful cherry vanilla scent that fills the air from mid summer onwards.  You will find the annual heliotrope Marine easily enough but I grow the perennial version....Chatsworth...which has even better scent on a shrubby bush

The more sunshine the stronger the scent from these plants

Thanks Verdun - it seems my next shopping spree is getting more and more expensive..

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