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I bought this last year and it spent winter in my cold greenhouse. The temperature will have gone down to minus 15C like the rest of the garden but it would have been dry. I planted it out in spring and it's lovely. I don't want to dig it up and bring it in unless I have to but I've read contradictory statements re hardiness. Is anyone successfully growing this outside? 



I've never grown it, but according to this it's hardy down to Zone 6, so should be ok anywhere in the UK, although you will lose the top growth the roots will re-shoot in the spring.

When you overwintered it in the greenhouse did it retain it's top growth?  If so it's probably worth a bit of extra tlc by taking it in each winter so it can get going earlier next year (it'll probably save a lot of anxiety for you too).  But on the other hand, if digging it up is a problem, I'd leave it outside.  

I visit the Peterborough area quite frequently, and you're always about 2 weeks ahead of Norfolk in the spring, so the winters are probably a little easier  than here 

I've just re-read this post - it's probably just as contradictory as everything else you've read - sorry!  

You pays your money and you makes your choice 


Thanks Dove. Plants grow into their spaces so nicely it seems a shame to uproot them. On reflection I think this one spreads a bit by suckers, It certainly did when it was in a pot and I gave away several babies. I'll look and see if it's made some more and pot up if so.


 got one small sucker which I potted up. The whole plant wasn't very firm in the soil and I got it out with only 2 pokes with a border fork. Potted up the lot and it's outside the greenhouse with the rest of the slightly iffy plants. They'll go in when the real winter happens. i don't grow truly tender plants.



Every so often I'm tempted by aeoniums and cannas and the like, but I need the space in my garden for other things so only have one of those small wooden greenhouses up against a wall.  It's great for starting off seeds etc, which is what I got it for, but no good for protecting tender beauties from the ravages of a hard winter, so I manage to resist getting any (so far ).

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