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I grow grass-like, uniquely-coloured, white flowering libertias. Who else does? They are evergreen, tough, grow almost anywhere and nothing else looks quite like them. Front of the border or in the middle, libertias add contrast and form. Somebody will surely ask you what it is if you grow it Right now I have some contrasting with hellebores, daffs, etc etc. and would not want to be without them The leaves have red, gold, olive and bronze shades. Check them out

They are lovely, and I used to grow them. I fell in love with them at Coleton Fishacre garden.

However, I found they got huge very quickly, and got way too big for my garden.

I made the decision a long time ago not to have any plants here that I would always be fighting with, so it went - to a friend who has a huge garden, so I can still go and visit it!


Die of cold here, shame really.


Yes, know them well as we have lots in the New Zealand Garden at the Bristo Botanic Garden.  They can be invasive but the seeds are harvested at the Garden for the Friends Seed Distribution.  I did sow some so somewhere in my crowded cold frame I have their strappy leaves!



Lots of leaves and not many flowers here. Died last winter and weren't replaced


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We planted a few Libertia peregrinans  many years ago in a dry shady area.

They looked stunning.

Then swamping everything else.

Spreading by roots.

They took over .

So much so we were forced to  weed every single one out!

Be very careful where you plant them!

Oh dear.meant to say, buy the new hybrids.
And, split them every two years
Then they are lovely
Clearly, I'm in the minority
Oh dear.meant to say, buy the new hybrids.
And, split them every two years
Then they are lovely. I have never found, goldfinger, taupe blaze, etc to be invasive in any sense
Clearly, I'm in the minority on this one

Duplicate carried away, did you Verdun? Must be the sunshine that is eluding us in the SE

Hello happymarion,
I realised libertias were inherently,invasive but before purchase, did some,checking on goldfinger, and the Taupo series to see if they would be better behaved. I've had them for couple to three years, splitting one, and so far they are tidy and compact with no sign of running. I remove flowers anyway as I think they spoil the leaves.
I bow to,your knowledge and welcome your your opinion how invasive would these "new" hybrids be?
I am pretty ruthless with invasive or potentially-invasive plants so I look forward your reply. They are such splendid, unique lookers in the garden though!
Hiya Jatnikapyar, yep posted twice...not like me
Won't do that again
Hiya Jatnikapyar, yep posted twice.......not like me
Won't do that again

Morning Verdun, I like it why stop at twice.......make it more

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