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I bought a load of bulbs and other plants from Lidl this spring and last autumn to plant in my garden. I went for the premium bulbs over the normal ones, and a couple of rose bushes too.

Overall, they've all grown into very lovely dahlias, tulips, daffodils, gladioli and one infant rose bush (the other one died), however there's a bit of a recurring theme that what grows is not the colour shown on the packaging.

My surviving rose was supposed to be peach and yellow with quite dense petals but is bright red with just a few petals per head. Two dahlia tubers out of the same packet, showing a nice peach and pink combination on the wrapper have produced one dahlia as expected but the other is bright yellow.

I planted various gladioli that should have resulted in lines fading from red to orange to yellow to white, but now that they're starting to flower they mostly seem (so far) a solid yellow colour.

And my daffodils were supposed to be yellow with an orange middle bit, but grew just yellow all over.

As I say, they're very nice plants, and you definitely get superior plants from Lidl's 'Premium' bulb ranges, but it's annoying when the colours are wrong.

Is this a problem in most supermarkets and garden centres, or just Lidl?


I had the same problem with morrison bullbs. Blocks of colour weren't blocks of colour!

Had similar with Aldi and Lidl, roses wrong colour, a whole bunch of Hibiscus that I've had years now that have never flowered. Bulbs have always been right though.

I just love whatever grows for me, my plants choose me, not the other way round.

I cant afford to buy very much so lidls do for me, whatever colours they come. Mine is a cottage garden so anything goes, but i can understand the problem when you are trying to lay out a formal one.

In general i think lidls are ok.


I buy loads of bulbs for spring pots, cheap and reliable and some seasonal stuff for instant colour.



For the price I pay the cheap bulbs are OK. Aldi's idea of purple or red might not be quite the same as mine but my colour schemes are fairly free

 ....I think most of the plant and bulb suppliers have access to amazing lens filters ........comparing some of my plants with the catalogues, I often wonder whether I am even growing the same plant never mind the same variety


Parker bulb catalogue arrived today. Garden porn to peruse in the hanging tent thingy beneath the oak. now what bulbs do I want for next year.?


Fidget just behave yourself  


A friend once said that nurseries swop all the labels around when they see me coming I think the problem is, for me, that a nursery's idea of blue is what I call magenta. I agree that they must use filters on the camera to show the colours!


Lot of photoshopping I think , with catalogues.


My Aldi Blue Moon rose has flowered today ... pretty certain it's actually Elegantine.  Pink, not blue .  It's going to have to be moved in the autumn.

Victoria Sponge

There's a well known company who sticks apples on the tree in its brochure, but they reproduce the same two apple images over and over again so it is really obvious.

I have fallen foolish victim to a few of these little pranks though and now before I buy anything I look at google images until I find an unremarkable pic which I presume to be a true likeness...

Planted 2 Rhapsody in blue from aldi, one became what it said and the other a very small soft pink tea!

I just plant things, what colour they are is up to them, enough said.

Some people are to fussy.



It's not being too fussy at all. We're talking about the mislabelling of products, not nature's own variations in colour and height.

If someone has a yellow front door and buys a decorative yellow standard rose to go next to it, only to find it grows bright red, that's an annoyance and a waste of time and money. It's not as though there's a good reason for it to grow red when it was supposed to be yellow.

In the case of my yellow dahlia, I have two dahlias in identical pots with another plant in the middle, so it's supposed to look symmetrical. It's not the end of the world, but the two dahlias not being the same spoils the look I was trying to achieve, and that's down to Lidl's supplier being very poor labelling things correctly. The problem's more obvious when you only have a tiny garden.

It's like buying cod only to cook it and find you've been given plaice.

If you want to buy the correct colours and plants, why are you buying from Lidl? If it matters to you, and it seems it does, use a specialist supplier. There are plenty of them around.

I have always used Peter Nyssen for bulbs and their ilk and the one time I had a mis-labelled lily bulb it was changed immediately.

Lidl and Aldi sell cheap plants for a reason. In my opinion they treat their growing plants badly, but I've found their seeds are good.

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