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Lulu The Lurcher

Is it ok to lift daffodils that have finished flowering and store them somewhere dry and dark until the autumn? There are too many of them in one bed and they're congetsted so I'd want to spread them about a bit anyway in the autumn.


You really need to leave them until the leaves turn yellow Lulu, as the leaves are building the bulb up so it can flower next year - the flower comes from the goodness already stored in the bulb.  If you lift them now, lift clumps of them with plenty of soil attached to the roots and plant them somewhere else for a couple of months until the leaves die back.  Once that has happened you can split them and replant the bulbs to where you want them.  The less time the bulbs are stored dry and out of the ground the better.

Lulu, Have you got some large boxes or pots, if so put some soil in the pot then lift the Daffodils in clumps put them in the pots in clumps top up with soil water in and moved to where they are not in the way allow to die back in their own time about six weeks.

Once the leaves have gone lift the bulbs dry them and put them in a net bag, I hang them from the garage roof as field mice love them, put them back in the ground early October and enjoy.




You can dig them up with their soil and place in carrier bags, make some extra drain holes and put out of the way, 

I am a miserly old so and so I wouldnt use a pot in case i may need it for something else. You can also roll down the tops of used compost sacks.

I regularly lift amd divide daffs at this time.  As said, try to get clips with plenty of soil and pot up.  Most of mine have foliage going over now so,they will be fine.  In spring I then have pots of daffs to plant where they are needed.  Congested clumps do not flower well so regular division keeps them flowering well.

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