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Am I able to lift my lillies and transplant them at this time of year (September)?


Wait until the leaves die back completely, this is usually around November time.

They need to photosynthesise to store energy in the bulb for next years growth.

Cheers Matt.  


I find lillies to be hardy. If you really must lift them now, you can lift them in the green and repot with the stems still attached.

I grow alot of lillies in terracotta pots and often want to use the pots for the next show of flowers. So will be repotting some this weekend to have enough pots for spring bulbs. The lillies will go in plastic pots and be put somewhere out of sight to allow the leaves to die back.

Mine flower year after year despite being lifted in the green and repotted.

cody smith

I have a lilly that i have in a big pot witch is huge and i have all ready lifted  haw can i stor it.



Zoomer44. This year for first time I lifted lilies after flowering and potted them up. Kept watered and fed. This is so I can put them exactly where I want them next year. Keep them outside till spring then?

Chris. I keep mine outside all winter till spring. To protect them from the worst of the weather, they're kept in a sheltered spot. Last year some were brought into the GH early spring and potted up in fresh compost, the idea was to force them for an earlier show of  flowers. It seemed to work, I had a longer show of flowers and was also able to discard those which didn't grow as well.

Alternatively, if you leave them in their pots, after a couple of years the bulbs start to multiply, bulk out and you get lots of tiny bulblets being pushed up to the surface.      

Thanks zoomer44.

I have just checked and my lillies are root bound in the terracotta pots they are in.  what should I do - split the bulbs and re-pot straight away ready for next year of put the bulbs in the garage and plant up next Spring.  Also what to do with all the tiny bulblets?

Advice gratefully received.

I would take off the bulblets and pot on the big bulbs. I would plant the bulblets in individual 9 cm pots. What size are the terracotta pots and how many lilies are in each pot?

Hi Chris - thanks for responding

I had 5 bulbs each in 25 cm diameter terracotta pots........

Debs2 I think I would put 3 in those terracotta pots....fresh compost, etc. zoomer44 gave good advice earlier but I have always grown lilies in the ground. This year I potted some up after flowering to overwinter outside or in greenhouse to put back into new borders next spring. I love the regal lilies for their fantastic scent in June and July

Hi Debs.I agree with chris. 3 would be enough in pots 25cm but don't split them now or disturb the root ball to much wait till spring. You can take them out of their current pots though and take off some of the compost round the sides, top and bottom, I do this and put them in plastic pots the same size with fresh compost on the bottom sides and top with some FBB mixed in with the new compost.

In the spring you can take them out of their pots, split the bulbs up and pot on any bulblets. Bulblets initally grow smaller than the adult plant. They take several years to mature, mine are just 1 year old. Don't let the bulblets flower in their 1st year possibly also the 2nd to allow the bulb to grow. .I let one or two flower this year and the flowers were very small, we shall see what next year brings 

Thank you both very much for your input......advice gratefully received.....


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