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lifting winter pansies for geraniums

what do I do with the pansies - they are still looking quite good

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I want to plant out my geraniums window boxes now - they have been hardened off and it is milder here.  My containers still have quite good looking pansies though.  If I planted them into the soil would they come back next year? 

I don't think pansies are as long lived as bedding violas but someone more knowledgeable might know.. With violas I lift them, trim them, plant in a not to sunny area and keep well watered, and they get going again. The same might work for pansies,  what have you got to lose but a little time and effort. I'm just waiting for my parrot tulips to die back a little more before I pot my geraniums ,work in the garden never stops does it.


Thanks Bilje, I'll try that.  No it never stops and I am a bit obsessed - I just lack the knowledge but not the enthusiasm


Why not take some cuttings when you cut them back.  I've read that they'll root in water.


...many of us are obsessed I think, to the point where our lives have been taken


It seems a pity you have to move them. Pansies just keep going....


How true that is Salino.I always promise myself 'don't get emotionally involved with my plants'.It never works though,if my Black Lab accidentally crushes a flower I take it very badly lol.


I know, I know I felt terrible about moving them but the geraniums were burning a hole in my imagination and I'm worried I don't have time to plant them over the weekend because there is a lovely garden visit I just cant miss - I may even end up having to buy something at it

.  I didn't disturb them as much as I needed to though - I've potted them out among five pots and have taken cuttings which will delight OH when he sees yet another window sill full of seedlings/plants - not. I'm just so indecisive but I've done it now and they do look okay and can show off in another side of the garden






Those look more like violas than pansies to me - or possibly panolas - I'd cut them back, pot them on into fresh compost and look after them and let them bulk up then they'll be lovely plants to go back into your containers in the autumn 


Oh Dove are they not even pansies - Is that because they don't have the little face?

Thank you so much, I will cut them back and repot them in new compost - they have flowered so profusely for months that they deserve to be pampered. I feel a bit fickle. I just like a lighter colour at the windows in summer and then the oranges and reds being rich and warm are perfect for the colder months.


I've just cut back a load of violas in pots Lavande and will move them into fresh compost soon. 

Those little orange ones are lovely- well worth giving a bit of tlc. I'd agree with Dove that they look like violas. I have a black one and those would look great with it.They go on forever if you cut them back and give them a little boost. 


Thanks Fairygirl - I can imagine they would look wow with black - which I didn't know existed.  As soon as the local garden centre is open I'll be on my way for some more lovely compost. (blinkers on though because I do not have another square inch of garden, should I succumb to any more plants).  It's 9am here now but I don't think it opens til 10am. My keyboard mouse keeps freezing and it's so frustrating because I can't roll it up far enough to close the computer down or flick between tabs so between waiting on shops to open and being a slave to my computer, I'm feeling frazzled. I can't even get a new tab open to google the problem!! Rant over.  It's too nice outside to feel annoyed.  

I too think they are violas.  I regularly divide them and pot them up.  Water well and keep in shade for few weeks.

Seasons move's geranium/ pelargonium time now  so  winter pansies are thrown out.    I have removed stocks and wallflowers, although they were looking superb, to make way for summer stuff.   Gardeners garden with the season.   Cant be over sentimental about annuals.  


...thank you Verdun, I've been busy and cut off (most) of the flower heads and potted them into new compost and they are now in the shade.  In keeping with the sentimental theme, I have ripped up pink flox which is stomping its way through the garden and periwinkle which is doing the same in the shaded area down the side.  Then, when I'm in the garden centres and I see these things being sold at nearly 8 euros a pot, I feel as if I have literally thrown money in the bin but I can't really offer it to neighbours because we all have similar sized gardens and it would soon be marching through theirs and then making its way back to mine again.


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