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My neighbour has a lovely deep purple lilac tree and has said I may take some cuttings.  Would I be successful in growing it from cuttings?  If yes, how & when should I take them?  Answers and any information appreciated.  Thanks

Alina W

Does the tree have no suckers coming from it? They would be the easiest way to get a cutting, unless it is grafted.

 There are no suckers coming from the lilac tree Alina.   And if cuttings won't come true to the original, I think I'll not try to take any, Gold1locks.  But many thanks for the feedback anyway.


Hi Nikki I have successfully grown two Lilac trees grown from cuttings, I just pulled new shoots off dipped them in rooting powder and potted them up,  I have got these in large pots. As you can see it is flowering very well and the perfume is lovely. I have had them for about 5 years and they flower like this every year.





Nothing to lose Nikki, give it a try.

Many thanks for the tip donutsmrs.  Your results look amazing!  The tip sounds good to me!  And as nutcutlet says 'give it a try' - so I will!

donutsmrs:  I have tried using the rooting powder in the past, with not much success.  Do you think willow tea would work?  What time of year do you take your cuttings?  Thank you


144art: I have had my Lilacs since 1999 and I took the cuttings in May. I did use rooting powder and it seemed to work well. You could give willow tea a try, I haven't used it though so I don't know how good it is. I did take a few cuttings to make sure I got at least one plant, I did loose a few. I am one of those people that will try anything, if "they" say you can't take cuttings of that, I will have a go any way, anything is worth a try. Good luck hope your cuttings take.

Hi, I was walking my dog today and saw a beautiful double flowering white lilac bush and wondered if I could take cuttings from it to get the same results. I will have to check with the owners first to see if I would be able to do so but my main concern is that the new cuttings won't be double flowering. Anyone know anything? Much appreciated!

Oh and good luck with your cuttings, I'm sure they will be beautiful!

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