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I,ve just cut a bunch of lilac from my frien,s garden, it smells so divine I must have some! The only place I have really is a north facing fence, will it flower here? If not I could try a dwarf one and maybe have in a large pot, does anyone have any advice?


There's a lovely white lilac growing opposite our house in a north-east facing spot and it's doing really well - it's probably up to our bedroom windowsill in height - but of course you can keep them under that height. 


They seem to grow in any aspect round here without too much trouble 

Ooh!! Thanks dove and fairy, off shopping.....!



Mine is on a north facing wall, just gets the last of the sun at the end of the day. It flowers fine.

Thanks Lizzie that,s encouraging, is yours s vulgaris? Wondering which to go for, could do with it not exceeding 8-10 feet, looked at ,dwarf, one called ,miss Kim, 

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