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A month ago someone gave me a 5" pot with 4 flowering lilies in it which I would like to regrow next year. Stargazer type. Should I Plant in garden now, keep in cold frame or in garage to plant out in spring? I put in cold frame when  flowers died off.The leaves have dropped off and stems going yellow now.  Thanks in advance for help, Mags


I have some in a pot which regrow year after year (I feed after flowering and repot in the spring).  They spend every winter outside in a sheltered corner.  I think I'd leave yours in the cold frame if you have room there, and then plant out in the spring before they start into growth. 

If there's no room in the coldframe because of other more fragile plants, they'll be fine in a sheltered corner - if you think the pot might be damaged by frost wrap it in bubblewrap but leave the top open

Thanks, that's a help Dovefromabove.  Mags

Staffsmags, I currently have several lilies in pots to plant out in spring.  They will then be planted out exactly where I want them.  I tend to plant lilies deeper these with many bulbs now.....because I they seem to be so much better for it.

dont worry how lilies look now...they are simply dying down for fhe winter


Have I got it right that they're in a 5 inch pot Maggs? I'd be inclined to get them into a decent big pot - 12 inch at least - to give them room to grow next year. It's a tiny pot for that number of lily bulbs. 


Hiya Fairy, that's why I said to plant deeper in early spring.  Mags did say she would plant out in spring. I pot up 4 bulbs in 5" pot ...unless esp large large like some of the Regale where I plant one per pot......and they perform well. 


Just seemed a very small size to me when they've already had a flowering season and will be decent sized bulbs. If they're being planted out I expect they're fine for a few months now that they're dormant. I plant deeper too with many bulbs. Even in pots, when you can get away with shallow planting a bit more. They're sturdier and able to withstand windier conditions better.

I rarely grow them in the ground now because of the pesky molluscs. Easier to keep them out of over wet soil too 

Yes, definitely 5 inches.  I think they came from a local discount shop (Home Bargains) although I can't be sure. That's why I am concerned that in such a small pot there is not enough protection for the bulbs.    I can move to a bigger pot and keep in coldframe or plant out.  I think the ground is still suitable here in S.Staffordshire.  Mags

mags, look if you feel happier with them in the ground then get them in. plant deep and mark with a cane.  If you know where you want them and space is available they will be fine.  If you have heavy or wet soil put a handful of grit under the bulbs.

currently I am planting in pots and in the ground.....I do same with tulips, daffs and alliums with potted ones for later planting

Thanks Verdun.  Out they will go.  Mags

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