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 apologies if this has been asked before, but when the petals have dropped should I cut my stems down or leave them to die back naturally? Also, anyone else have any pics of other bright lilies. I fancy trying some different colours next year as these look so nice.


After the flower fades cut the dead head off, but leave the stem and leaves to build up the bulb for next year.

Craig.  Got some huge lilies in the the driest poorest spots they survive and thrive best.  Have you tried Regale?  Amazimg scent from large white flowers.  The scent wafts around the garden.

Keep as much foliage as possible after flowering.  Then regular sprays with seaweed, Epsom salts and tomato food.

Thankyou very much. I'm off to Wentworth garden centre tomorrow in sunny Yorkshire so will be on a Lillie hunt I think!

Did you know that you can get "TREE LILLIES " These flower for quite a while longer than others they easily grow to 6ft tall - my friend grows these . the bulbs themseves are quite expensive compared to some others but well worth it . 

I myself are always looking for a bargain . This year 4-6 weeks ago the very large garden center were selling bags of lillies off for £1 , some had started growing , it was a good chance to try out diiferant ones . I even planted the bits that had broke off - admitted they werent in tip top condition and I had no idea what I was buying . 

up to now I have several differant ones - turks turban  is one but for the others I will have to wait and see !

They will be differant to what I have already I know for sure as the leaves are quite a mixture. 

Their are bargains out there if you check round , so bear this in mind for next yearrr

The bigger places , once the main selling bout is over they just want to get shut of them  to get the next lot of things on the shelves. 

Dont know if your near but I am in south yorkshire , I shop at Brigg Garden center  (BRIGG ) there are others in this range  in other parts of the country . let me know if i can help .


joyce mannell


I have lillies in a tub they dont grow very tall what is the epsom salts and seeweed for to build up the bulbs can I buy seeweed from homebase as I only have tomatoe feed 

Ive just bought 15 just for postage and put in  tubs as my soil in the borders is so hard 

Joyce,  hello.

Epsom salts provide magnesium and more than that provide a good tonic to most plants my experience.  Used Epsom salts for few years to correct yellowing etc. however, lilies seem to build up much better if sprayed a few times with Epsom salts.  I tried an experiment few years back and plants performed much better if dosed with ES.  So too with tomatoes.  Seaweed spray too......good tonic and natural provider of trace elements.

Try it ....I think you will notice better growth.  Let us know how you get on Joyce.


I have two large pots at my door at the moment filled with many different lilies.  Looks terrific.  There are a few nasturtiums and poppies a bit straggly and weak.  I leave the bulbs in year after year.  Can anyone suggest a winter plan that won't impede the lilies in any way.  By the way, the pots, copper, get very hot as they face south.  Any suggestions there, please.


After growing many varietys of lillies the best for fragrence are Stargazer.


joyce mannell


They are really beautifuldo you feed them  mine dont grow that high ill have to put them in a larger tub 


Thanks,I just give them some bonemeal in the spring.

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